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Coral Reef Pool
    Welcome to Blue Dolphin Fiberglass Pools! We are a local family owned pool installation company serving the northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan areas. We take great pride in being the leaders in this industry. We have over 15 years experience installing quality pools with quality service with our committed crews working seven days a week over an 8 month span. The majority of our pools are completely installed in five days or less.
Extreme Makeover Home Edition You may have seen some of our pools on the television show Extreme Makeover Home Edition®. Watch for some of our designs on several past episodes as well as more future episodes.
    The quality of our pools is unmatched because our fiberglass pools are hand crafted and molded which creates a product that combines long-lasting durability with a sleek design. These pools are constructed under strict quality control standards and are installed by our pool installation professionals. Our pools are over seventeen times stronger than cement pools and they have the flexibility of twelve inches, which is movement that would destroy most pools.  To learn more about our pools, visit the About Our Pools section.  We have over 40 designs that each offer a unique look and feel and we are the only local company to offer pool/spa combinations.  Visit the Available Designs section to see some of the designs that we offer.
    If you or your family is looking to purchase a pool, please keep in mind that we have the highest customer satisfaction, making this one of the most stress free purchases you and your family could make. We have great prices for all our pools ranging from twelve thousand dollars to twenty-eight thousand dollars for the pool and complete installation.  We also offer do it yourself kits with technical references if you would like to save some money and you are ambitious enough to install the pool yourself.  Please keep in mind that financing is available if you are interested.  In addition, we have a 35 year factory warranty with each of our pools that makes us a tough buy to pass up.
    We have all of the experience necessary to bring your back yard to life and allow you and your family to spend many endless hours relaxing in the smoothest surface available in any pool. So whether you are south of Bowling Green, Ohio, north of Monroe, Michigan, or even sixty miles due east or west, give us a call and find out what you can to get started. Please visit the Contact Us section to find out how to reach us. If you would like more information about our pools, please feel free to fill out a form to request a brochure and a complete price list.
Sandy Cove Pool
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